Being able to read is a critical life skill. It enables social and economic participation. It also contributes to on-going brain development and high-level cognitive function. That’s why The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation has a literacy program for kids who’ve fallen behind.

This reading intervention program is called ‘Everyone Can Read’. It helps children with low-literacy skills achieve the same educational and social outcomes as their peers.

‘Everyone Can Read’ is a phonics-based reading intervention program which is taught in participating primary schools. It is designed for students whose reading ages are 2 years or more below their chronological age. The results are remarkable; indeed, in just one semester 60% of students achieve a gain in their reading age of at least 7 months, and some up to 2 years.

This literacy program produces more than outstanding academic results. “The growth didn’t just stop at the academics but projected onto the wellbeing and emotional needs of these children”, said Kerry Mikellides, Learning and Support Assistant Principal at Chullora Public School.

The ‘Everyone Can Read’ literacy program is growing better futures for vulnerable children.

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