Workplace giving

Veli and his co-workers can share their kindness.

About workplace giving with us

Workplace giving is a simple way for employees and business to help The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation. In addition, it enables them achieve their social responsibility goals. Workplace giving is the most effective way that working Australians can support The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation.

How to do workplace giving

Workplace giving involves employees contributing a small part of their pre-tax salary to The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation. They then receive a tax benefit immediately, rather than waiting until the end of financial year.

If your company matches the employee donation, it becomes a more powerful form of employee engagement.

Good for people, good for business

The funds employees contribute through workplace giving support The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation’s range of services. What’s more, when employees raise funds for us they benefit through team building and social engagement.

To find out more call us on +61 2 8572 4600, or contact the Rev. Bill Crews Foundation.