Literacy program for children

David is one of more than 3,000 children we've taught to read.

About our childhood literacy program

We deliver a remarkable literacy program for children. It is both innovative and effective. This reading intervention program is called ‘All About Reading” and it helps children with low-literacy skills achieve the same educational and social outcomes as their peers.

A proven literacy program

In 2024, we will introduce a holistic literacy program in our schools across NT and NSW, called 'All About Reading'. A research-based, multisensory, mastery program based on the Orton-Gillingham approach that covers phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension. It has been proven to be effective instruction for all struggling readers including children diagnosed with dyslexia.


The Rev. Bill Crews Literacy program is designed to assist children, often from disadvantaged or traumatic backgrounds, with low literacy, to achieve the same educational outcomes as their peers by giving them the necessary reading skills to engage effectively in classroom activities and become lifelong learners.

Our program targets primary school students whose reading ages are at least 1 year below their chronological age, and we work collaboratively with school Principals, the Learning and Support team, and classroom teachers to identify students most in need.

Our literacy program can change the lives of youngsters.

How our childhood literacy program works

The program is fun, fast-paced, and highly motivating and with intensive assistance students experience swift and frequent success, boosting their confidence and nurturing self-esteem.

Our program is evidence-based, and we administer various standardised and curriculum-based assessments to measure students’ literacy capability both before and post the instructional program to measure gains.

Historically, our program has produced average gains of 10mths in Reading Age and 8mths in Spelling Age following an 18-week intervention. The new All About Reading program has a proven track record and we anticipate similar if not better results for our students!

Teaching kids to read: Demonstrable success

We establish student baselines and evaluate outcomes with a series of standardised tests and curriculum-based measures, both pre and post-intake. 

Prior to intervention, participants’ improvements in literacy skills were well behind the trends of their peers. Following just one semester of tuition, standardised testing demonstrates student improvement averaging double the time of intervention. Indeed, that is the benchmark of successful literacy programs.

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