Richard is thankful for the many ways people support the Foundation.

About fundraising for The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation

Over 28,000 people rely on support from The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation each month. This highlights the importance of varied fundraising efforts to ensure those in need get the crucial support they require.

Whether you are an individual, part of an organisation, or associated with a school there are countless fundraising initiatives for you to get involved in.

Your generous support will enable us to assist those who need it most, ensuring that help is available when it's needed most. Below are some suggestions about how you can participate in our fundraising efforts.

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How Lincoln gave back

By Lincoln, 23

I’m lucky to have a really supportive community around me and I want to give something back.

Our family has been donating to Bill Crews for a few years now. We first heard about him through Nat Peeters, the radio news reporter. In 2021 we donated 1 item each month for 12 months. All our family and friends joined in. One month we donated 372 Up & Go Poppers. Another month 117 bags of pasta!

This week we heard you needed toiletries. My mum donated conditioner and toothbrushes, my stepdad gave deodorant and soap and I bought nappies.

My support worker Josh came with me to make the donation. Every time I visit Bill Crews I feel hope for our city. It’s a place full of smiles and kindness.
I’m glad I’ve had the chance to experience the Bill Crews Foundation it’s a great place.