Hospitality training: Transition 2 Work

Emma gets on-the-job hospitality training for her new career.

About the program

Our unique Transition 2 Work hospitality training program will teach you the skills you need to get a job in the hospitality sector.

This vocational training program is run in partnership with METS and offers you the chance to gain a Certificate II in Hospitality, as well as provide on-the-job experience in Ashfield’s Crews Cafe.

Also, we’ll offer help with job readiness, CV writing and interview skills, and assistance in seeking employment opportunities.

Please call +61 2 8752 4600 if you would like more information.

Get a Certificate II in Hospitality, develop new skills, learn on-the-job and get help preparing your CV.

Program details

The Transition 2 Work program is perfect for anyone who wants to gain employment in the hospitality industry. You will learn the basic skills required for entry into the industry.

Skills taught

Our hospitality training program will teach you the key skills required for work in the industry, as well as practical, on-the-job experience. Learn about food hygiene and handling, using kitchen equipment and menu planning, as well as customer interactions. Our Transition 2 Work Program also teaches much sought after barista skills so you can make the perfect coffee.

All the training is under the guidance of qualified professionals including baristas, chefs, restaurant managers and recruitment agencies. It is designed to make trainees job-ready, as well as opening doors to employment. In fact, two-thirds of our graduates have gained hospitality jobs.

Program benefits

  • Get a Certificate II in Hospitality.
  • Develop new skills.
  • Learn on the job.
  • Help with preparing CV and interview skills.

Program timetable

Duration: 8 weeks (excluding holidays)
Hours: Thursday and Friday from 9:00am - 3:00pm

Hospitality training program location

162 Liverpool Road Ashfield (5 minutes walk from Ashfield Station).

Please call +61 2 8752 4600 to learn more about our hospitality training program.