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Rev. Bill Crews | CEO and founder

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Legal advice

To book an appointment call (02) 8752 4602

Do you need legal advice, but you can’t afford a lawyer? Call and make an appointment today.

Alcoholics Anonymous

If drinking is causing you problems then we can help. Our Alcoholics Anonymous meetings offer a supportive space where you can learn from others. There’s no need to book, just drop-in when you like.

Free calls & internet

Stay in touch. We have free telephones and computers with internet access.

Gamblers Anonymous

If gambling has cost you more than you can afford, then turn to us. We run Gamblers Anonymous groups that can give you the support and encouragement to break the addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous

We understand drug addiction can be tough. That’s why we help with weekly Narcotics Anonymous meetings. You will find support and encouragement among others who’ve shared your experiences.