Donate in memory

Honour the memory of your loved ones.

Honouring the memory of loved ones with generosity

Honour the life of a loved one through a memorial gift to The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation. Doing so will help support individuals experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.

Ask friends and family to donate in lieu of flowers or simply on the occasion of the funeral. Donations can be made using a personalised In Memory page on our website.

You can share stories, pictures and videos with friends and family around the world. Your In Memory page will become a special place of remembrance.

How it works

Simply fill in the form below, then we will create your personalised In Memory page. You will be able to add photos or videos. What's more, you and other loved ones will also be able to add special messages.

Importantly, your family and friends can donate securely. They can also print out their own tax deductible receipt.

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Got a question?

We are here to answer your questions. For more information about Donations In Memory please email

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