The Weather Diaries

Free movie screening + Q&A with director Kathy Drayton

Fri 10th Nov 2023
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Lecture Theatre 1040, RONIN RECO Abercrombie Business School, University of Sydney

Free movie screening: The Weather Diaries

The Big Picture Film Festival presents "The Weather Diaries" + Q&A with director Kathy Drayton.

"The Weather Diaries" is an intimate chronicle of two simultaneous stories. On the one hand the darkly cataclysmic impacts of climate change and the extinction crisis on the forest ecosystems around Sydney, and on the other, the development of the filmmaker's daughter, Imogen Jones, from child to adult.

The film strikes a hard-won balance of optimism and pessimism, fear and hope, melancholia and illumination.

Adrian Martin, Screenhub