Helping you over the bumps in everyday life

Get urgent advice by calling (02) 8752 4602.

Food parcels

Keeping food on your table

Our emergency food parcels are a lifeline.

They include all the basics you need to keep food on the table, like soup, noodles, biscuits and tuna.

Utility assistance

Help to pay your bills

If you’re struggling to pay your electricity, water or gas bills, we can help.

We can also give rental assistance, call our caseworkers on 8752 4602.

Warm clothes & blankets

Keeping you warm

If your belongings are worn or damaged and you can’t afford to replace them, we can help.

We have blankets, clothes and other essentials available for you.

Welfare advice

Help with Centrelink and more

Get help with Centrelink, housing, emergency accommodation and referrals.

Make an appointment with one of our case workers.