Volunteer story with Arndria

18 Jun 2024

Introducing Arndria, one of new our new Volunteers at The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation.

Arndria embarked on her volunteering journey in December 2023, driven by a desire to make a positive impact in her community.

Like many others, Arndria's journey into volunteering began with a simple question: "How can I give back?" Guided by a recommendation from her CEO friend and a resonance with the Foundation's values and beliefs, she reached out to the Foundation to offer her time and support.

Arndria's first volunteer experience coincided with the bustling chaos of Christmas Day—a momentous occasion that marked the commencement of her journey with The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation. It was a day brimming with love and compassion, as she and many other volunteers extended a helping hand to those in our community who needed it most.

Reflecting on the impact of her volunteer work, Arndria shares, "Every single shift I do makes a difference. I enjoy engaging with our guests, assisting them with their meals, and being part of a caring community". She highlights a societal trend where the less fortunate are often overlooked or disregarded, making her commitment to volunteering even more meaningful.

While every volunteer role holds significance, Arndria finds special meaning in providing sustenance and compassion to those in need. She is deeply moved by the heartfelt appreciation expressed by our guests. "I am often blown away how many of our guests that thank us for their meal and say ‘God Bless’. A small thing, but it touches my heart every time. I try to do the weekend dinner van at Woolloomooloo, we sometimes serve 50 – 100 people, who line up even when it is raining for their meal. I find it heart breaking when some guests ask us if they could take a second meal with them, so they have something to eat for breakfast the next day”.

Volunteering is not just about giving; it is also about receiving. Arndria's journey with the Foundation reminds her to be grateful for life's blessings each day. “Volunteering reminds me of how fortune I am that I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge and a warm place to sleep every night. Many of us take this for granted, however for some not as fortunate it would be a dream come true”.