Volunteer Spotlight with the wonderful Warren

05 Mar 2024

Have you ever wondered what it's like to volunteer with us? Introducing the fabulous Warren, one of our much-loved volunteers here at the Rev Bill Crews Foundation. Warren gives us some great insights into the day to day of volunteering and shares a few highlights!

What are the best parts about volunteering at the Rev Bill Crews Foundation?
Firstly, working with other volunteers who enjoy it just as much as I do - they are friendly, fun and most of all, love to have a laugh.
Secondly, my interaction with the guests who utilise the many services offered by the Foundation. Some are going through a hard time and are struggling day to day but all they need is to be shown kindness, love and respect which I'm more that happy to provide them.
Thirdly, all the staff are truly wonderful and make the volunteer jobs easy to do plus are very supportive.
Talk us through a standard volunteering shift with us- from start to finish.
There are two shifts which I currently do at the Foundation - warehouse assistant and lunch server. Every Monday, I volunteer in the warehouse - my main roles are sorting through the many donations that are dropped off daily by the general public. My sorting skills can be pretty severe, others say I'm obsessive and strict - just ask Brooke or Eli 😄 Preparing food hampers for our guests with family and food bags for those guests who are rough sleepers.
Every Thursday, I volunteer in the food hall with the other volunteers serving lunch to the many guests. My roles are prepping the takeaways and helping with food service for the dine in guests. But my favourite role is being a waiter for those who dine in, it gives me the chance to intermingle with the guests and to offer a kind word plus gives me a chance to check on their well being at the same time. I love both these roles and they are both 4 hour shifts.
Tell me about some of the people you've met while volunteering.
I've truly met some truly wonderful and exceptional guests during my time at the Foundation. I think because I show them shown kindness, love and respect, they give it back to me by the truck load. Mick, Nancy, Joe, Charlie, Sam, Cass, Stella, Nicole and Bernie (just to name a few) are all wonderful people. They never whinge about their problems; they just get on with life.
I've made some wonderful friends with my fellow volunteers - Clive, Jenny, Stephen and Bruce. But Marie and I just clicked, we're very similar in lots of ways which I love. Plus Johnny who runs the cafe, another wonderful person, I love his sense of humour. Kathy is also one of my favourite people, the way that she puts up with me (good and bad) is truly wonderful and fun.
What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering?
Volunteering can be challenging so it's very important to approach it with a positive attitude.
Make sure that you are passionate about the cause your supporting.
Volunteering can give you an opportunity to learn a new skill, strengthen one’s sense of identity and self-esteem plus you get to enjoy the companionship of other like minded people.
So if you are reliabile, patient, have willingness to help others, love teamwork and have a positive attitude then you are perfect to be a volunteer
Carrying on the simple acts of kindness of helping others makes our communities and world, a much better place.
Thank you Warren! We so appreciate your warmth and hard work.