Sydney: A tale of two cities

by Rev. Bill Crews 01 Aug 2023

This item contributed by Rev. Bill Crews

Not since the recession in 1990 have I observed such hardship among Sydneysiders. Today, the combined effect of interest rates, rents and inflation have pushed enormous numbers of people over a financial cliff.

That said, Sydney is apparently a tale of two cities. While battlers struggle to feed themselves, the well-to-do are doing ever better. This is born out by recent figures showing a boom in luxury car sales. It’s ironic when you consider how many people sleep in their cars because they can’t afford to pay rent.

At my Foundation we are working extra hard to nourish and care for those who can’t make ends meet. Indeed, the support of people just like you enabled us to distribute 38,000 meals last month, not to mention almost 2,000 food parcels. In addition, our healthcare and support team saw 215 people.

It’s a blessing that we are in a position to help, but I worry more Sydneysiders will turn to us as the rental squeeze worsens. I pray you might continue to help us care for those less fortunate.