Staff spotlight. Dearbhla Tighe, our Intake Case Worker

19 Jan 2024

Staff spotlight!  Introducing the lovely Dearbhla Tighe, our Intake Case Worker, from the medical clinic.  We take a behind the scenes look- as Dearbhla shares insightful stories on her role, her favourite part of working for The Foundation, and a terrific success story!

What’s the day-to-day of your role like?

I’m the one who helps get things started when people reach out to the foundation. I work off appointments conducting assessments to gather essential client information, providing information about available resources and programs, and maintaining accurate documentation of client records. I make referrals to internal or external services based on client needs, handle crisis situations, and advocate for clients within the organisation and with external agencies. I ensure clients receive appropriate support.

What are your favourite parts of working for The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation?

I really love my job! It brings me so much joy and satisfaction due to the meaningful relationships I've developed with both my colleagues and the clients.  Despite my relatively short time in Australia, the connections I've forged have transformed the workplace into more than just a job, it’s like being part of a big community where everyone is welcome.

Share a guest success story with us!

In my role, particularly during my first six weeks, I had the privilege of working closely with one of our most vulnerable homeless clients. This individual faced numerous challenges. However, through dedication and collaborative effort from our team paid off. I'm thrilled to share that within a 6-week period, this client received a housing offer.

What’s the most unique part about working here?

As a intake caseworker, my days are filled with a mix of emotions, challenges, and rewards. Each day I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of those in our community. The emotional toll of my work can be significant, there are moments of celebration and success, but there are also moments of frustration and heartbreak.

The resilience of our clients is a powerful reminder of the impact we can have, it’s these moments of hope and progress that make it all worthwhile.