Our food vans are serving even more meals

by Team Bill 03 May 2021
Thanks to the support of people like you, our food vans are serving more hot, nutritious meals at more locations across Sydney.

In fact our food vans take lunch to five different places, including Warwick Farm and Miller in Sydney’s west. It’s in these suburbs where an increasing number of people have been hit hard by poverty.

Every night we also drive into the heart of Sydney to serve dinner to the rough sleepers who call the streets home. 

Here too, the demand is growing. It’s not unusual for 200 or more hungry, homeless people to queue for a meal. They’re always grateful, especially on cold winter nights. We also give them warm jumpers and sleeping bags.

Indeed, we’re determined to do more than just give meals to these battlers. We want to keep them warm and well, and help find them a dry place to call home.