Meet Warren, one of our amazing volunteers

by Team Bill 24 Apr 2024

Warren is among the hundreds of kindhearted people who volunteer at The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation. He helps sort and pack food parcels for rough sleepers in addition to serving meals in our Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurant. “It means I can mingle with them and offer a kind word, plus it gives me a chance to check on their wellbeing at the same time”, he said.

Indeed, Warren explains that some of the people he serves are going through a hard time; struggling day to day. “They never whinge about their problems; they just get on with life. All they need is to be shown kindness, love and respect which I'm more than happy to provide.”

Warren has made some wonderful new mates among his fellow volunteers. “They are friendly, fun and most of all they love to have a laugh. It’s great to enjoy the companionship of other like minded people”, he told us.

Moreover, Warren says volunteering can be life-changing: “It strengthens one’s sense of identity and self-esteem”, he said. “The simple acts of kindness – of helping others – makes our communities and the World a much better place."