Life is getting tougher for the poor

by Team Bill 08 May 2022
Recently a man with two children came to my Foundation. They needed food, advice and support. Not to mention warm clothes! They were grateful for our help.

Being poor isn’t easy. In fact, it requires the fitness of an athlete, the financial skills of an accountant, the legal skills of a lawyer and the negotiating skills of a diplomat. Of course for many that is too high a mountain to climb and it means they are left to their own devices.

Add to that the soaring cost if living and it’s no surprise we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people turning to us for meals.

Being poor means choosing between food and heating

Many of these people are what we call the working poor. They may have a job, but the income they receive doesn’t cover the cost of living. In situations like this, food is often the first thing they forsake, especially with rising rent and heating bills.

There have always been people in this situation, but now it is worse than I can remember. Families are coming to us now who have never needed help before. 

That’s why I want to thank you. Your ongoing support enables us to give them the help they need today, and care for even more like them tomorrow.