Let’s care more for each other: Rev. Crews washes rough sleepers feet

by Team Bill 14 Apr 2022
We all need to show more compassion according to Rev. Bill Crews, especially against the backdrop of a bitterly fought election campaign. That’s why the much-loved Australian who's given over 4 million meals to the hungry, will today make the ultimate act of service.

Rev. Crews will wash the feet of rough sleepers in the same way Jesus did for his disciples at Easter. The foot-washing rite is one of the most important Easter celebrations and one that calls on the powerful to show care and service to others.

An advocate for the outsider

Indeed, Rev. Crews has often been a thorn in the side of the powerful. An outspoken advocate for those considered ‘outsiders’, on Thursday he will also be their greatest servant.

Jesus called on us to serve others and not to dominate, do evil or humiliate. I believe that message of caring is more important this Easter than ever.
Rev. Bill Crews - CEO and founder, The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation.

The foot-washing celebration will happen at the famous Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurant on the grounds of The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation in Ashfield.

It not only represents one of the most important Easter celebrations, but marks the beginning of the Easter week in Sydney.

When and where

Date: Thursday, 14 April 2022
Time: 11:30am - 12:000pm
Venue: The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation - 180 Liverpool Road Ashfield.