Meet Cris

by Team Bill 08 Mar 2021
International Women's Day celebrates women round the world, with this in mind, we wanted to get to know the women in our community better.

Say hello to Cris...

“Growing up, I faced many challenges. I grew up without a mother, was a victim of sexual abuse and tried to commit suicide when I was a child. My advice is to have faith in your heart. All the challenges you face make you stronger. The scars of life remind you that it passed, and you won. Every time I have a problem, I get up stronger.

When I was a child, I admired my friends’ mothers. Watching them influenced me to be the mother that I am today. International Women’s Day allows us to have a special day to stop and reflect – I feel fortunate that God enabled me to be a mother, that I was given the gift of motherhood.

My family and I arrived in Australia from Brazil with no English, only courage.

We faced great struggles, and one day my husband went to get food at the Rev. Bill Crews Foundation. We were so well received by everyone we met… I don’t even have the words to describe it.

My family and I started to come every day to eat, and shortly after I got sick. I felt the hands of God, who placed these angels in my life, and those of my family, both of whom were with me through the toughest times.

After some surgeries, I recovered. My new friends (at the Rev. Bill Crews Foundation) took care of me, supported my family and helped us with food, clothes and lots of love. I started to work at the Foundation as a chef, and I love it.

I’m feeling more and more confident – I work hard and always try my best. My goal is not to be better than anyone else, just to be better today than I was yesterday… I’m always aiming for continuous improvement.”