I see hope for everyone this Christmas

by Rev. Bill Crews 07 Nov 2022
It would be easy to think the World looks pretty gloomy this Christmas. So many have suffered because of the pandemic and now, when we ought to be celebrating, there is war in Europe and uncertain economic times ahead.

Nevertheless, I believe hope is always just around the corner. In fact, hope springs eternal at my Foundation’s big Christmas Day events!

Over the years so many people have spent Christmas Day with us - people who would otherwise have been alone. They look forward to it and it gives them hope that they can share in the kindness of a bigger community.

What I always notice is that they leave so much happier than when they arrive. It’s hardly surprising, my team of volunteers go out of their way to lift the spirits of even the most lonely guests.

You would be amazed how many new friendships are formed over a shared meal at our Christmas Day lunch in Ashfield. Somehow the barriers magically break down and people discover their common humanity. Surely that ought to give us all hope for a better future.

That’s why I love Christmas Day here at my Foundation. Those who are part of it, whether they be guests or volunteers, have their lives changed forever. Hope really is just around the corner.