Free Easter Sunday lunch for struggling Sydneysiders

by Team Bill 09 Apr 2023
Sydneysiders who are battling to make ends meet can enjoy a free Easter Sunday feast at The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation in Ashfield.

Rev. Bill Crews and his team of volunteers will give hungry families a delicious roast lunch on Easter Sunday, not to mention hot cross buns and Easter eggs.

“The cost of living crisis means more Sydneysiders are struggling to make ends meet. It’s led to record numbers of people coming to my Foundation for a meal. So we want to bring some joy to their lives this Easter, if only for one day. On Easter Sunday they can forget about their troubles and enjoy a fabulous meal and happy times with us”, said Rev. Bill Crews, CEO and founder of The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation.

The spirit of Easter volunteering

A dedicated team of volunteers will help feed hundreds of hungry Sydneysiders at The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation on Easter Sunday.

The volunteers come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: A drive to help those less fortunate. Indeed, many of the volunteers are from Sydney’s Jewish community.

“Their spirit of unconditional giving is in stark contrast to the division that otherwise seems to pervade society. There’s a message of Easter hope in that for us all”, said Rev. Bill Crews.

An Easter church service with a difference

Prior to the lunch, Rev. Bill Crews will hold his unique Easter Sunday church service. Unlike church services for the well-to-do, his service is focused on celebrating Easter with battlers and the homeless.

“The pomp and splendour of the cathedrals tends to isolate a lot of poor people. They feel like it’s not where they belong. So I welcome them at my church in Ashfield. After all, it’s what Jesus would have done”, said Rev. Bill Crews.

The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation is one of Sydney’s largest frontline charities. It has provided over 1.2 million meals to the hungry since the onset of the pandemic. Now it prepares 1,600 meals every day, serving them from 3 free sit-down restaurants and 17 mobile food van locations.

When and where

Date: Sunday, 09 April 2023
10:00am - Church service
11:30am - Easter Sunday lunch begins
Venue: The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation