COVID-19 vaccinations for the homeless

by Team Bill 13 Jul 2021
Rough sleepers and the homeless will get Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations at The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation today.

Despite being one of the most vulnerable groups in society – often suffering multiple chronic health conditions – the homeless were overlooked in the federal government’s vaccine rollout plan. 

Giving COVID-19 vaccinations to the homeless

Today, The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation will step in ensuring their homeless and vulnerable guests receive their first Pfizer shots.
“It’s taken me months to secure these vaccines for the homeless and rough sleepers who we care for. So from today I will be able to rest a little easier knowing they are on the road to protection from the virus”

Rev. Bill Crews, CEO and founder of The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation

The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation anticipate 150 of their homeless guest will get a COVID-19 vaccination today. This will be followed up in three weeks time with a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine to ensure each of them is fully vaccinated.

When and where

Date: Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Venue: The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation - 180 Liverpool Road Ashfield.


Rev. Bill Crews will be available for interview about giving COVID-19 vaccinations to the homeless, either on location or by telephone.