Community Food Drive

04 Dec 2023

We spoke to an amazing community member Lee Keft about her experience hosting a successful Food Drive with her local community.

What was it about the Rev Bill Crews Foundation that sparked your interest?

We have followed Rev Crews for some years.  His kindness and generosity of heart resonates with us.  We’ve also been so impressed with the charitable works that you all do.  We held a work event at Ashfield in 2015.

We love how you spread the word using pamphlets, social media and word of mouth- do you find using a few forms of promotion effective and why?

We have found the best way to promote the event is by flyers distributed by mailbox drops in our immediate neighbourhood.  We also live in an area where we regularly get together with all our neighbours and they also ask their family and friends to come along.  

Tell us about the sausage sizzle you organise!

We set our barbecue up on our driveway with plenty of chairs and umbrellas.  We try to keep it an outside event with an informal setting.  Some people will just drop off food and gifts while others will stay and meet with the neighbours and friends.

How do your local community enjoy getting involved?

Some will help with the barbecue itself while others will help distribute the flyers.  Others will help clean up once it is finished.  They all enjoy getting involved.  The joy of giving is the main driver and reward for all involved.

How long does the Food and Gift Drive generally run for?

We promote it over a one week period only.  We have found that people react well when the call for help is immediate.  We also give out our mobile number and say if they can’t make it on the day to give us a call and we will arrange a time for a drop off.

Do you have any tips for other communities who are interested in hosting a Food and Gift Drive?

I really believe this could become a much bigger initiative across Sydney.  It has 2 significant benefits.  It brings Neighbours together as a Community.  Many neighbours rarely come together as a community for a common cause.

And what a great time to do it In the Spirit of Christmas and Giving.  In addition and most importantly we are assisting people who are doing it tough.