Christmas: The most wonderful time of the year

by Rev. Bill Crews 02 Nov 2023

By Rev. Bill Crews

Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and Sydneysiders are looking forward to it! The decorations are up, there’s festive music everywhere and families are planning Christmas holidays.

It's hardly surprising, after all it has been a difficult 12 months. The price of everything has gone up; bushfires and floods have torn through communities; while war has broken out too. No wonder people are keen to let the joy of Christmas wash away the troubles of the year.

Alas, not everyone can. Christmas will be a luxury many Sydneysiders can’t afford. Indeed, this year they face brutal choices. Like paying the electricity bill or feeding the family; buying new school shoes for the kids or filling their Christmas stockings; even choosing between seeing a doctor or paying the rent. Needless to say, Christmas Day and a festive holiday are nothing more than a tantalising dream.

The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation relies on the generosity of spirit and kind hearts of volunteers. This has never been more so than over the past 12 months as demand for food and support services has skyrocketed.

Indeed, it’s only thanks to a magnificent team of volunteers that the Foundation can meet the need.

These volunteers prepare meals and pack food parcels. They serve dishes from four sit-down restaurants and a fleet of food vans. As well as working in administration.

On Christmas Day over 200 volunteers will bring hope and joy to those less fortunate.

The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation honours each and every one of their volunteers and wishes them a most Merry Christmas!

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