Ashfield Mall Wishing Tree Appeal

Donate a gift to someone less fortunate this Christmas.

Thu 16th Nov - Fri 22nd Dec
260A Liverpool Road

Give a Christmas present to someone less fortunate

You can help make Christmas wonderful by donating a gift at our Wishing Tree in Ashfield Mall. The gift you give will be donated to someone who'd otherwise go without.

When and where

Our Ashfield Mall Wishing Tree will be launched by Rev. Bill Crews and Jessica Rowe on 16 November 2023. You can make your special donation from then until 22 December 2023.

Please don't wrap your gifts

It's worth noting that you should not wrap your gifts. Rather, take them to our gift wrapping station, located next to our Wishing Tree at Ashfield Mall. This ensures we can keep track of what has been donated.

You can make a gold-coin donation at the gift wrapping station with proceeds going to The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation.