Rev. Bill celebrates fifty Christmas lunches

by Team Bill 30 Oct 2019

This year Rev. Crews will celebrate his fiftieth Christmas lunch with the homeless. It’s a milestone of caring and yuletide compassion that started on the rough streets of Kings Cross in the 1970s.

“Back then I spent Christmas Day with the down-and-outs and runaways of the Cross”, Rev. Crews recalled. “It opened my eyes to the loneliness so many people face at Christmas”.

Later, Rev. Crews moved to Ashfield where he established what would become Sydney’s biggest free Christmas Day lunch for the needy.

Indeed, on Christmas Day there will be ham, turkey and puddings for thousands of needy Sydneysiders. What’s more, our food vans will also be taking our Christmas meals on the road, to the street corners and bus shelters where the homeless live. 

Rev. Crews is more determined than ever to make Christmas the happiest day of the year, even for those who have nothing.