Hope amid the pandemic this Christmas

by Rev. Bill Crews 23 Nov 2020
What a year it’s been! If someone had told you last Christmas that we’d experience a pandemic in 2020 you’d be excused for laughing.

But nonetheless we had to endure. For many people it’s left them looking for signs of hope - especially as Christmas approaches this year.

Thankfully I do see glimmers of hope. In fact I see it wherever I look. From the way strangers greet each other to the generosity of the most poverty-stricken.

In fact, many of our homeless guests are holding high the banner of hope. Their generosity of spirit is shining through. They are concerned about me and my volunteers, in spite of their own predicament.

The other day one of them came to me and said: “Thank you and everyone for all you do for us.”

It was very moving, especially as he’d just spent the night sleeping rough.

So there is hope. People are spreading warmth and kindness in a way that we haven’t seen for a long time.

Different communities all over Sydney are coming together like never before. It’s a sign we are learning that all we have is each other, so we’d better look after one another.

They say hope springs eternal and so too does the kindness of the human spirit. When you think about it, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?