The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation provides real and direct assistance to address the cause and effect of homelessness; intergenerational poverty; and unemployability.

The Foundation supports these needs through a combination of education and the direct provision of assistance services like food, social welfare, and educational support.

Rev. Bill Crews has been supporting the homeless and vulnerable for over 30 years, in which time, the vision for the Foundation has grown.

Whilst most known for its free Loaves & Fishes restaurant and dedicated food vans, which have provided over 9 million meals, there is also an onsite community centre, with a clinic offering free healthcare, crisis management and welfare support for those in need.

The crucial services provided by the team at the Foundation have benefitted countless people, and today The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation is acknowledged as a leading frontline charity.

Rev. Crews and his team are passionate about making an immediate and tangible difference to the lives of those in need.

The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation, making their future better today

Our mission

We aim to advance education and employment opportunities for young people and we strive to relieve the poverty, homelessness, distress and disadvantage of individuals and families.

In doing this we advocate for disenfranchised, disempowered, impoverished people and seek to be a voice for ’voiceless’ members of society.

The Exodus Foundation and Bill Crews Charitable Trust

To carry out our important work, the Bill Crew’s Foundation enlists The Exodus Foundation (ABN: 47 342 342 713) and The Bill Crews Charitable Trust (ABN: 74 622 585 856) in the delivery of services to thousands of vulnerable people in need, including those experiencing homelessness, disadvantage and increasingly, food insecurity.

The Exodus Foundation and The Bill Crews Charitable Trust work together to meet the increasing demand for help through a variety of programs and services, both onsite at Ashfield and increasingly mobile to meet where the need is most.