The support of volunteers like Chrissy and Mick Banning meant we could stay open every day this year. In spite of the challenges of COVID-19 Mick said “I never had any doubt about continuing to volunteer”. Indeed, when it came to safety he continued: “the utmost caution was taken”.

Our duty of care for volunteers and guests has been at the forefront of our pandemic plan. It meant we never stopped feeding the hungry.

Chrissy explained how much that meant. “One of the guests said to me, ‘I miss your pretty smile behind that face mask, but God bless you and thank you’. I thought that was really sweet and very rewarding.”

Mick recounts another story of gratitude about a young man who came for a meal. He saw Rev. Crews, grabbed his hand and kissed it. “He thanked Bill and was overcome with gratitude. It made me feel very humble”.

Volunteering isn’t just about service, it’s also about making new friends. “There is a strong sense of camaraderie”, said Chrissy. “In conversation with a wonderful couple we volunteer with, it was discovered that we shared mutual friends!”

Christmas time is always exciting for our guests, but it’s also special for our volunteers. “I see the happiness and contentment of guests and their beautiful children who share the love and delight of the occasion”, Mick told us.

This Christmas is sure to be extra special according to Chrissy. “Everyone who attends this year’s Christmas celebration will be busting out all over for a happy, happy time!”

The care and support of volunteers like Chrissy and Mick helps ensure the homeless and hungry will never go without a meal.

About the Author: Team Bill

The dedicated team helping Rev. Bill Crews feed the hungry and care for those in need.