I want to share some exciting news with you! I’m overjoyed to let you know my Bill Crews Charitable Trust has launched a brand new reading program for the most disadvantaged children in our community.

Called “Everyone Can Read”, the program is specifically designed to fit in with regular school life and its structure makes it even more appealing to the kids who attend. We are rolling the new program out to the most needy kids in NSW and the Northern Territory, with an initial intake of 80 students.

We’ve already taught 3,000 kids

As I’m sure you know, in the past 20-years we have taught over 3,000 kids to read. Our new and improved program will enable us to give even more children the literacy skills they need to succeed.

We have also introduced some important initiatives to support the kids in our “Everyone Can Read” program, like a breakfast club where kids arrive early and have a meal before putting their heads down to catch up on literacy. This is especially important as many of our students come from impoverished families who can’t afford breakfast.

Our new program can teach even more

I’m sure I don’t need to spell out the benefits of literacy to you. Suffice to say many of our past students have grown and gone on to university and prosperous careers, rather than facing a years on welfare. Indeed, we calculated that over their lifetime these students will save the government $553-million. That is the power of reading and the power of what you and I can achieve together.

I am passionate about giving as many disadvantaged kids as possible the gift of reading. I know it changes lives and I know our new “Everyone Can Read” program has the potential to reach even more struggling children.

With your support we can teach poverty-sticken kids to read

But I need your support to make this happen. I need you to say “yes” to giving these most-needy children the start in life that every child deserves. That’s why I’m asking you to donate to my Bill Crews Charitable Trust today. When you do it will enable us to give even more kids the gift of literacy – and a pathway out of poverty.

About the Author: Team Bill

The dedicated team helping Rev. Bill Crews feed the hungry and care for those in need.