Developing a new food and care hub at Lethbridge Park

by Team Bill 01 May 2023
Located 47 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD is Lethbridge Park. It is a community of 5,201 families each with an average 2.1 children. In total 21,551 people live in Lethbridge Park and many of them struggle to afford the basic necessities of life – food, medicine and shelter.

So Lethbridge Park was the perfect place to establish a new food and care hub; a place were those in need could get a nutritious meal, as well as counselling and financial guidance.

The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation has developed just such a hub in an old 1980’s-style community hall. Catering largely to families living in nearby housing commission properties, this food and care hub at Lethbridge Park is rapidly developing a suite of services just like those on offer at the Foundation’s headquarters in Ashfield.

The Lethbridge Park hub serves sit-down meals at breakfast and lunchtime. In fact it typically serves 400 meals a day. It also has counsellors on hand to offer support and guidance to those facing emotional or financial turmoil.

The new hub at Lethbridge Park is projected to continue growing with the need in the local area. Moreover, it will be a template for the delivery of care services to other impoverished regions of Sydney.